About Us

For a dozen or so years we have been experts in sales support in Polish and foreign retail chains. We provide complex solutions within merchandising, sales forces outsourcing, field marketing and marketing research.

Promotional projects are monitored by a
3 regional managers supported by 53 of supervisors.
In whole Poland we have a network of more than 15 000 promoters, sales representatives, merchandisers, consultants and hostesses.
3 regional
30 regional representatives
53 supervisors
15 000
fuel stations
chain clothing stores
HoReCa channel
chain stores selling electric and electronic equipment
modern channel
traditional channel
bank outlets
car salons
discount stores

Our strong points:

Our assets include perfect knowledge of the market and many years of experience allowing for professional sales support in any sector and offering dedicated.

Extended network of 15,000 field employees at 14,000 locations across Poland along with mobile solutions for sales support project management with full reporting.

We provide our services to as many as over 600 customers, international holdings, such as Unilever, Lotos, PepsiCo, Nestle, EWedel, Brown Forman, Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, Atlas, Philip Morris , Sony, Canon, Elektrolux , as well as local producers.

What makes us different?


People are the most valuable asset of ASM SALES FORCE AGENCY – their experience
and commitment. We share the same passion for what we do and a conviction that even a small brand may become great with adequate promotion and sales-supporting activities.


ASM SALES FORCE AGENCY is based on passion for business and sales. Relying on the passion, over the last over ten years we have become a leader and expert in the sector, focusing on development of our services and the competences of our Team.


We have been supporting sales since 1998. With well developed national structures and a broad coverage, we have been able to carry out any project focused on promotion and sales, at any time and place and at any scale.

A finishing touch…
Our priority is to display your products at the Point of Sale, by their availability and promotion, so as to increase sales volume by affecting your customers’ behaviour and needs.

… it’s all about relations
This is why we’re always where your customers are – 24/7. Our everyday presence and good intuition regarding buyers’ behaviour have an impact on sales expansion and make such a huge difference to your brands’ success.

… your tactic decision
Our extended structure and network of field employees will make it possible to fully exploit the potential of your brands, regardless of the fact whether you’re placing new products on the market, implementing POS, managing a seasonal campaign or you need to distribute samplings to the Point of Sale.