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Cookies files – What are Cookies files and why do we use them?

Cookies files used at website and its subpages ensure Users’ safety and increase service use effectiveness.

What are Cookies files?

Cookies are small text files sent and stored on a disk of computer, mobile phone or other device, via which the User connected to Internet. These files enable the Internet domain to recognize the device, when the User visits the service again, and adjust website display mode to its technical and functional settings. Using Cookies files enables website displaying in line with preferences and expectations of the User.

Data stored in Cookies files include primarily: originating website/portal name, time of storage in end-device and individual random ID.

List of Cookies files, which may be used to service the website is presented below:

- ‘technical’ = Cookies files necessary for correct and complete operation of the service and access to all website/service functionalities,

- ‘securing’ = Cookies files necessary for detecting threats resulting from unauthorized use of website/service resources,

- ‘analytical and statistical’ = Cookies files used for collecting information on service visitor counting, visit time, type of browser, device and IP,

- ‘functional’ = Cookies files necessary for recording setting configuration made by the User when using the website/service, such as language, display, layout, etc.

Detailed information on Cookies files are available at:

Cookies files management

Most popular browsers used to surf the Internet have default settings enabling storage of Cookies files in end-device of the User.

The User may block using the Cookies files by changing the browser settings. Links to detailed information on settings change are listed below:

We inform that change of settings of using the Cookies files may result in hindered access to certain website functionalities or in its incorrect display.