We have 18 years of experience in merchandising services.

With our knowledge of the market, extensive coverage, broad competences and the know-how of our Polish and international experts, we offer tested and integrated activities supporting sales
and improving product visibility on shelves.

We stand out with our professionalism, the high level of provided services and a flexible approach to Customers and the projects we carry out.

Promotional projects are monitored by a
3 regional managers supported by 53 of supervisors.
In whole Poland we have a network of more than 15 000 promoters, sales representatives, merchandisers, consultants and hostesses.
3 regional
30 regional representatives
53 supervisors
15 000
fuel stations
chain clothing stores
HoReCa channel
chain stores selling electric and electronic equipment
modern channel
traditional channel
bank outlets
car salons
discount stores

A unique service in the market,
we offer the establishment of a dedicated team of mobile merchandisers to our Customers. Each merchandiser is provided with a car and a mobile device to ensure ongoing monitoring of the work and more effective management of their visit schedule..


We support sales of products by our Customers by providing comprehensive merchandising services. We ensure close communication in all spheres of the structure. On every day basis we provide services for all major trading networks. Upon our client’s request we are able to carry out merchandising in each commercial point..


Unique support to a standard merchandising services through assuring an additional team of merchandisers.

Central merchandising projects.

Merchandising realized in a continuous system. Merchandisers and a Stationary Coordinator are present of 7 days per week, delegate for provision of services in a selected point of commerce.

Our services include:

  • caring for optimum display of the goods in line with the plans and the central arrangements between the Client and the chain,
  • supplementing goods on the shelves,
  • paying attention to use by dates (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO),
  • distributing and installing PoS materials,
  • keeping the display locations clean,
  • auditing the display and reporting,
  • stock-inventory, reconstructions,
  • other services – agreed with the Client individually (e.g. proposing store orders).