Sales promoters/client adviser

A promoter is not an ordinary vendor, but it is a person who can present not only the products but its functionalities to the customer as well. An experienced promoter operates on the boundary between sales and marketing. They lead trainings, presentations and various marketing actions in the field and in the shop.

The ASM SALES FORCE AGENCY sales promoters is a team of professionals, responsible for brands value development and improvement of sales results achieved by our Clients.

Development of a team of sales promoters in halls guarantees increase in sales dynamics,
of a specific product group. Thanks to the promoters we can stimulate realization
of an assumed sales plant individually,
within particular groups of assortment.

What advantages do the promoter presence bring?

a possibility to adjust the promotional message to the changing shopping preferences of the consumers.

supervision over actions undertaken by the competition and obtaining additional possibilities of response to the client’s needs
and expectations,

improvement of sales results,

active promotion of the brand, and improvement of brand awareness among customers,

Constant care promoter guarantees also increase brand awareness among customers,
and also allowsyou to adjust to the changing media promotion shopping preferences and expectations.