Warehousing and logistics

Logistic services reassure that proper materials will get on time to selected facilities within the network.

Perfect logistics. Full warehouse outsourcing. We offer optimum solutions adjusted to individual clients’ needs.

Our offer includes:


Warehouse logistics of marketing materials is not aimed at managing products for sale, but those which support sales:

  • short- and long-term warehousing,
  • favourable settlement of pallet days
  • control of stocks,
  • inventory management, control of expiry dates
  • inventory administration, tracing order statuses.

Complex services of packing, repacking, product packaging:

  • repacking and packaging of products from bulk packages into individual packages,
  • labelling of products,
  • packing of promotional sets,
  • covering of products with self-adhesive labels.
  • We perform large-scale orders, as well as unusual orders in small quantities. Co-packing outsourcing allows for cutting costs - you pay neither for renting space, employing employees nor purchasing tools which are necessary for packing.
POS distribution

Logistics and management of POS materials:

  • servicing deliveries and storage of POS materials, samples, finished products for marketing use,
  • accepting, complementing and distributing orders,
  • delivery of POS materials to points of sale, installation and monitoring,
  • utilization of sub-standard materials and products.
Organization of transport
  • less-than-truckload transport,
  • full-vehicle transport,
  • transport of goods of large dimensions,
  • dedicated transport.
Logistic service for contests/ lotteries/ loyalty programs
  • preparation of prizes, packing of promotional sets,
  • storage of prizes and shipments spread over time as requested by the Customer,
  • personalization of prizes, attaching congratulatory letters,
  • delivery of presents on time with acknowledgement of receipt,
  • preparation of reports on the performance of orders.
Logistics for events

Logistical support for the organization of mass events:

  • storage of materials,
  • transport and assembly,
  • organizational support,
  • disassembly and reverse logistics of equipment.
Logistics for returns

Servicing returns of marketing materials:

  • accepting returns,
  • registering and detailed reporting,
  • accepting products for re-storage.
Receipt and disposal of promotional materials

Sales support does not finish at the moment materials are delivered to points of sale, we may also guarantee their collection and utilization. Such services are a guarantee that the campaign will be completed in due time and invalid materials will be sent back or utilized.